Disability Access

My office is accessible to clients who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices.  The building has a large elevator, straight ahead on the left as you enter the main doors.  There are also gender neutral bathrooms on the second floor that are large and accessible, down the hallway from my waiting area.


My office can accommodate a manual or electric wheelchair, and some models of small scooter.  There are ADA-accessible bathrooms on the first floor, which require a key from the PG&E payment center on the first floor, accessible until 5pm.


The waiting area has plenty of room for mobility devices and larger bodies.  Some of the seating options in the waiting area will accommodate clients with higher weights or difficulty with low seats.  If you have any needs that are not met by the waiting area, please let me know.


Parking in the area can be variable depending on time of day. There is a street parking space directly in front of the building designated for those with disabled placards, but it may be in use.  The Promenade garage across the street may be  a good option if you cannot walk far; they can sometimes find space even when they are marked full.  Inquire with the attendant on duty.


I have sometimes offered telehealth services via streaming video for individual clients who find it difficult to come to my office for sessions.  I can only offer these sessions to individual clients who reside in California, but if you are interested in meeting via video, let’s talk more.


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