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“Queering Research”

When we read research about sexual and gender minorities, it's my belief that we have an ethical responsibility to engage it critically.  I personally find queer theory to be a useful lens for this kind of critical thinking about research.  I have drawn up this list of questions to suggest a "queered" way of looking at the literature in this...[ read more ]

“Always My Son” – from the Family Acceptance Project

This video is the result of research by the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University. It's meant as a tool for outreach to rejecting parents of GLBT kids.  This project is an excellent example of how research can be an ally to queer people and their families, when it focuses on something beyond the "nature or nurture?" question.

Queer Research

I'm pleased to be giving a talk with Dr. Kristen Benson of North Dakota State about the history and future of research on, by, and for GLBTQ people. We're speaking at the AAMFT Annual Conference on Saturday. Watch this space for links and resources.

Welcome to my site!

This is the home page for Dr. Sheila M. Addison, LMFT.  More information coming soon!  Meanwhile, find me on LinkedIn or Facebook.



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