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The Day After

2016 has been a notoriously difficult year for many folks in my circles. Folks have joked that maybe David Bowie was the only thing holding the universe together and the wheels have started coming off since his death, but in all seriousness there has been a lot of crisis, grief, and loss going around this year. Some of which may...[ read more ]

AAMFT-CA Conference: San Francisco

I'm presenting today at the AAMFT-CA division conference at SFSU.  It's great to be with my colleagues and see friends from other universities and agencies around the state. I'll be presenting on Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size for MFTs; my slide deck is available on Slideshare.net here. It's a great conference with an emphasis on diverse clients of all...[ read more ]

Thanksgiving 2013: remembering to give thanks thoughtfully.

I'm just going to link to myself from last year.

Queer Research

I'm pleased to be giving a talk with Dr. Kristen Benson of North Dakota State about the history and future of research on, by, and for GLBTQ people. We're speaking at the AAMFT Annual Conference on Saturday. Watch this space for links and resources.

Welcome to my site!

This is the home page for Dr. Sheila M. Addison, LMFT.  More information coming soon!  Meanwhile, find me on LinkedIn or Facebook.



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