My Private Practice Associates

In my private practice, I employ and supervise post-graduate Registered Associates who are earning hours toward independent licensure as MFTs or PCCs.  They see clients on some days when I am not available, and their fees are generally somewhat lower than mine.


In order to help provide you with the highest quality of services, each of my Associates meets with me regularly to consult with me about their cases.  You can contact me, or contact one or more of them directly, if you are interested in meeting with them.


Current Associates:

Noelle Clason, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #96803

Noelle Clason, MFTi


I believe that everyone deserves to feel both connected and free.  I am a therapist because I love collaborating with clients so that they can know themselves deeply and cultivate the intimacy that they want in their relationships. I am passionate about helping people heal shame, befriend themselves, and find freedom in their sexual, gender, and relationship expression.  

I provide sex-positive therapy to individuals, couples, multi-partner relationships, and adult families seeking support with issues related to sexuality, gender, or relationship style.  Being sex-positive means that I believe that consensual sexual activity is fundamentally healthy, and can have a constructive and healing impact in one’s life and in the world.  

Most of my clients have non-mainstream sexual, gender, and/or relationship identities.  Many identify as polyamorous or consensually non-monogamous, or are considering opening their relationship; I help them to create relationship agreements, talk about and move through jealousy, heal from infidelities, build trust, and improve communication with partners and metamours. I am also experienced in guiding clients who are ending relationships through an intentional breakup process.  

I love working with queer clients who are just beginning to explore their sexual orientation, and those who have been out for years and need LGBTQQIAAPP competent therapy from a clinician familiar with queer community.  I collaborate with individuals whose experience of gender is expanding, trans* folx exploring transition options, and gender nonconforming folx seeking resilience in discriminatory environments.  I work with clients involved in kink community and BDSM lifestyle and practices, members of sex-positive community, and sex workers.

I have a particular passion for supporting queer, trans*, non-monogamous, poly, and/or kinky clients to navigate the unique pressures and challenges of family life and parenting on the margins.

I am a sex educator endorsed by San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern.


Tamara Lipton, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #93925

Tamara Lipton, AMFT

Do you feel alone and wish for more connection with others? Maybe you give of yourself but find it hard to satisfy your own desires, or you feel exhausted from life stressors and self care feels out of reach. Perhaps you would like to develop more self compassion, yet struggle with inner critic. You want to be more in touch with your own boundaries, to explore your yearnings in life, and to become more connected to your partner(s), friends or family.

Pain and struggle often come from barriers to connection with self or others. It takes courage and commitment to shed light on areas of life that may evoke fear, loss, shame, anger, sadness, or necessitate change. I know that psychotherapy can feel vulnerable. I provide a safe and compassionate environment for people to see themselves and others in truthful and satisfying ways. I help you to identify and step more confidently into areas of life in which you feel strong, and also to clarify and work through challenges.

My approach to therapy is relational, meaning that I believe that our present experiences are shaped by patterns of relating formed early in life, and are influenced by many interconnected environmental and intergenerational factors. I also believe that change emerges through safe and empathic connections. I integrate other somatic and mindfulness based approaches to therapy to support people in coping with difficult thoughts and feelings and to ground our interaction in the present moment.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process. You determine the point of exploration, and I listen with empathy to your experience. I support you in elucidating patterns of relating, feelings and needs. I help you to clarify places in life in which you feel stuck or hit barriers. While our work together will support your self acceptance, I also help you to explore and experience new and fulfilling ways of relating.

I work with individuals, families, and partners. I am polyamory informed and friendly, and interested in working with partners of all configurations. Some of the concerns that I help with include:

  • Grief and loss
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Trauma and traumatic loss
  • Self Compassion and Acceptance
  • Life transitions
  • Parenting and empty nest
  • Clarifying boundaries and needs in relationships
  • Relationship issues and conflicts
  • Attachment
  • Adult children of alcoholics
  • Codependency
  • Stress, self care, and coping
  • Intimacy and empathy between partners
  • Communicating and respecting feelings and needs
  • Addiction and mental health needs within families
  • Family conflict, sibling conflict, parental conflicts

Amina Elfiki, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #103090

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