Public speaking

Public Speaking

With thousands of hours in front of a classroom, I am an experienced and engaging public speaker.  If you would be interested in having me address your conference or organization, please get in touch to talk more about your proposed audience and topic ideas.

Topics I can address:

  • Cultural competence vs. cultural humility: Know the difference, take the next steps.
  • The importance of allies:  Working for justice on our own home turf.
  • Secrets of the family systems experts: What family therapy taught me about work and life.
  • Making it less awkward: How to address difference without getting tongue-tied.
  • Hacking your relationships: What couples therapists know and you should too!
  • Welcoming queer and trans people to your organization: Taking a good look at yourself, keeping up with the changes.
  • “FAT”:  It’s not a four-letter word.
  • Weight as a dimension of diversity: How to make your organization more welcoming and inclusive to people of all body sizes.
  • What to say when kids ask:  Age-appropriate answers to kids’ questions about LGBTQ matters.


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