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By editing out a couple of video clips (the “Always My Son” video I linked to here, and a clip from the excellent documentary “Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She” – the relevant clip seems to be up on YouTube here) that we didn’t actually get to in our talk, I was able to make the PowerPoint fit Word Press file size limits! So you can see our slides but also our notes which is where the real content is (what we remembered to write down, rather than ad-lib, that is.)

Please download this only for your own private use and do not distribute it.  Do not share this file with others or present it publicly.  The contents as a whole are copyright Dr. Sheila Addison and Dr. Kristen Benson, while the video clips are copyright to their original creators/owners as credited.  You may link directly to this post to send others here.

AAMFT Queer Science presentation


2 thoughts on ““Queer Science” PowerPoint”

  1. Lea Frances-Poll says:

    Frankly, I think the question concerning the cause of LGBT orientation is ridiculous unless you also ask what causes heterosexuality. Where did this pressing need the EXPLAIN this most vulnerable component of the self come from?

    If your outraged argument contains the words “normal” and “procreation” you might want the read Mein Kampf for that was the contention of Hitler. His goal was the creation of the “master race”. Hilter, made a most distressing attempt toward that end with Lebensborn where he sought to control both genetics and the developmental environment. (Hilter, 1939).

    If the expression of heterosexuality is normal for perpetuation of the species then many heterosexual groups are excluded: anyone who is NOT between the ages of 14 and 30; anyone with a disability that would prevent successful conception, gestation and birth; anyone with a chronic illness, anyone who is not in optimal physical health including overweight, etc . . . All of these groups are not having “normal” sex.

    If your argument continues with the words “aberrant sexual practices” then I ask you to talk to somebody who works in a sex crimes unit or practices therapy with sex offenders. These people who commit sex crimes are (usually) heterosexual. There is an older statistic that eighty-three percent of offenders live a heterosexual lifestyle (Groth, 1990). Groth posits that the sexual orientation of the offender is control not sexuality.

    Finally, if you think normal sexual expression includes only intercourse between opposite sex partners, perhaps you should talk to some of your friends and family members. Or perhaps, not. Perhaps human sexuality is an intimate issue that is optimally shared in a safe environment, not criticized and shamed by those who fear looking honestly inside their own hearts.

    Ultimately, all human actions are choices made in consideration of circumstances and worldview. I have a deeply seated belief that either we are all children of a divine Creator or none of us are. When I am asked if my perception of a person is affected by ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, cultural practices, etc. . . . , my answer is a resounding, “Absolutely”. Inherent characteristics and preferences and choices combined with experience and learning shape us into the individuals we become. How fascinating to be living in an era where we are presented with multiple opportunities to be exposed to diverse people and cultures.

    When this question is altered a bit and converts to a question concerning my judgment of a person, my answer is, “What are you talking about?” What do those things about identity have to do with judgment? Why should I be concerned about someone’s intimate expression? Judgment of people is about decisions concerning choices, e. g. I don’t usually socialize with people who are using illegal drugs or killing the neighbor’s cats. The thing is; I know prejudice exists, I just don’t get it.


    Groth, A. N. (1979, 1990). Men who rape: The psychology of the offender. New York, NY. Plenum Press.

    Hitler, A. (2003). Mein kampf. (J. Murphy, Trans). New York: Fredonia Classics. (Original work published 1939)

    1. admin says:

      “Where did this pressing need the EXPLAIN this most vulnerable component of the self come from?”

      Well, as Dr. Benson and I discussed in our presentation, we think it started out as an attempt to understand “deviance” in order to find a way to prevent it, and now has mutated into a sort of proxy for the question “is God OK with homosexuality or not?” But our point was that even asking the question is problematic, because what do the various answers imply, were we to find them?

      Is it nature? (genes) Then are we going to track down and abort gay babies?

      Is it nurture? (environment) Then let’s point fingers at the parents and blame them for making their kid(s) gay, because shaming people always helps family relationships improve. And let’s create parenting classes to teach parents not to teach kids to be gay!

      Is it a combination? Then clearly a war on multiple fronts is needed.

      What, logically, is the next step in any of these scenarios?

      And none of them account for bisexuals or more fluid experiences of sexual orientation anyway…

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