Time for linkspam!

1) This little girl is complaining about the very thing I was getting out in Bad Santa Part II:  gender policing.  Yay for her supportive dad!

2) Feminists and family therapists take note:  Sick [heterosexually-married] men get support from their wives.  Sick [heterosexually-married] women get… divorced.  (Gay people don’t exist, and single people die in a ditch, I guess.)

3) My friend Lesley wrote a great piece about how complicated holidays can be thanks to our complicated families, and how it can be useful, and healing, to look at the stories we tell ourselves about our family and see if it’s time for an update.  And from my friend Marianne:  It’s OK to have a hard time at the holidays.

4) A reminder, perhaps too late for those who have Christmas dinner, but there is still plenty of family and public eating to be done (not to mention National Diet Guilt Month, aka January, coming up):  Food is not good or bad, it’s just food, and it’s not cool to police what people do or don’t eat.  Also in the same vein:  All eating is emotional eating, and it’s OK to stop stressing about eating for reasons other than a base need for the minimum number of calories required for life.

I’m headed for a few days of badly-needed vacation, and have a couple of blog posts in mind that I hope to fit in between relaxing, relaxing, movies, cooking, and more relaxing.  Hope your holiday season has some relaxation too!



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