We’re moving!

Close up of the front door of 1900 Addison

It’s been a rainy winter here in Northern California, and as my current clients are well aware, we’ve had more than our share of leaky ceilings at my office.  Strategically-placed trash cans and a lot of containers of Damp Rid have helped me keep the office open, but when I found an opportunity to move to a newly-renovated suite of offices, it seemed like a sign that it was time for a change.


A view of the building at 1900 Addison

Starting March 13th, my interns and I will be moving in with Sandbox Suites in their Berkeley location.  The new address isn’t far from my old one, and in fact is quite a bit closer to the nearest BART station.

A map of the path between the old and new offices

I hope I’ll have some pictures of the new office once we get furnishings moved in and art on the walls.  Here’s to new beginnings!



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